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What do I need to get Paseedu to work?

To get Paseedu to work, you need a device, an internet connection and a browser. That’s it!

A lot of effort has be made to get Paseedu to work for a broad range of devices and browsers. Paseedu works with apple devices. It works well on iPhone, iPad and on Mac. Paseedu supports horisontal/landscape mode and touchscreens. Flash is not used. Paseedu works well on PCs and Android smart phones.

Paseedu works well with most browsers, although the view and the menus might behave slightly differently. If you have a choice of browser, then Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher and Safari are the preferred browsers. Sound playback is not supported on firefox. Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox have limited support. Internet Explorer 8 and lower are not supported.

You do not need to install Paseedu at the device. As Paseedu is not installed, there is usually no problem with firewalls. Paseedu works over the internet through the browser (html5). Data usage is also of limited amount, in spite of images and sound support.

Each user using Paseedu needs to login through his own username and login. The user can either set up his own account and Paseedu can do this for the user.