Monthly Archives: December 2013

Fast translations to your mother tongue

Selection of the native languagePaseedu has implemented a feature, which makes it possible for you to make translations to your native language.

Many courses are given between two languages, e.g. between English and Swedish. These translations are already earlier implemented.

However, what if you have another mother tongue, and still would like to be able to use the course? Now, you can. Simply add the translations to your native language, through the click of a button.

The mother tongue is a user setting, which you only need to make once.


Four new play modes at Paseedu

Paseedu has added four new play modes.

1. Dual reader
In the dual reader, you can read texts in two languages at the same time – e.g. your mother tongue and the target language. You can also add spoken voice from TTS in 20 languages.

2. Sentence
In the sentence play mode, you fill in missing words in a sentence. This is used mainly for various grammatical exercises.

3. Flashcard (fast!)
Finally a fast flashcard solution is implemented. You flip the card instantly, simply by pressing the card.

4. Builder
In this play mode you can build texts and sentences.

Since earlier, you also have the play modes: Four Options and Write. This gives a total of six different play modes at Paseedu right now.

Paseedu is looking for cofounders

The vision of Paseedu is “-To learn a foreign language perfectly”.

This is extremely hard, and it means that you have to master everything – reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary , pronunciation, grammar etc. However, with the aid of modern technology and efficient pedagogic models, you can move mountains.

The world is getting more connected, people travel and move around at a fast pace. People have to learn more language, more frequently and in different locations. Paseedu is all about helping everybody, who wants to learn more in a foreign language from the first word to an absolute perfection.

If you have a passion for languages and you want to be a part of this project, you might be one of the cofounders that Paseedu is looking for. You are more than welcome to contact us at for a first discussion.

Specifically, Paseedu is looking for people with the following skills,
- Design / UI / Front end development
- Teaching / Academic / Research background within languages
- Online marketing
- Sales background to Schools