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Paseedu is looking for cofounders

The vision of Paseedu is “-To learn a foreign language perfectly”.

This is extremely hard, and it means that you have to master everything – reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary , pronunciation, grammar etc. However, with the aid of modern technology and efficient pedagogic models, you can move mountains.

The world is getting more connected, people travel and move around at a fast pace. People have to learn more language, more frequently and in different locations. Paseedu is all about helping everybody, who wants to learn more in a foreign language from the first word to an absolute perfection.

If you have a passion for languages and you want to be a part of this project, you might be one of the cofounders that Paseedu is looking for. You are more than welcome to contact us at for a first discussion.

Specifically, Paseedu is looking for people with the following skills,
- Design / UI / Front end development
- Teaching / Academic / Research background within languages
- Online marketing
- Sales background to Schools