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A new class dashboard

The class functions have received a major upgrade with a dashboard. Through the dashboard you have a complete overview of the class. The intention is to be able to be able to interaction, planning, sharing and follow up through the class. The students have a similar, although a more limited version of the dashboard, without the confidential information. There are many features, which are visible from the dash board:

-Info board to the student (which only the teacher can adjust)
-Chat (with individual photos) visible for everybody
-Individual messages
-Feedback on tasks

-Personal notes for the teacher
-Through the info board to the students

Follow up
-Statistics on the number of exercises done
-Test results
-Tasks performed by students

File sharing
-Upload and download of material (Exercises and texts)

Member management
-Invite, add and remove members of the class

-Class or school logo
-Class naming and description
Class view for a teacherClassS6

Selectable start screen for different users

Different users have different needs – some want an easy user interface, some want interaction with the class and some wants to get quickly to the play action. In order to support all different tastes, Paseedu has made it possible to select the start screen after login. There are several options, and the most likely ones are,
1. Start (Easy navigation)
2. Class (Communication)
3. Play (Exercises)
4. Language / Swedish (Library)
Start screen

Match words through drag and drop

A new play mode is implemented. Words and their translations can be matched through drag and drop on a large canvas. The play mode is more game like and it is the fastest play mode so far.

The play mode works on all screen sizes and for different input modes (mouse or touch screen). The actual words are randomized for each play round, as well as the location of each word.

This is play mode number eight at Paseedu.
Match words

Organize your decks to courses

With Paseedu you can download, make and edit all your study material. However, when you have a lot of chapters, you need a convenient way to organize the material. The solution is to make a “course”. A course is simply a collection of exercises and texts.

For the course you can name all the general data like name and logo. You can also make settings which should be applied to all the chapters. The chapters are fully sortable. If you like to share then you can publish the course for others to use.
An overview of your courses

The chapters of a course

Fast translations to your mother tongue

Selection of the native languagePaseedu has implemented a feature, which makes it possible for you to make translations to your native language.

Many courses are given between two languages, e.g. between English and Swedish. These translations are already earlier implemented.

However, what if you have another mother tongue, and still would like to be able to use the course? Now, you can. Simply add the translations to your native language, through the click of a button.

The mother tongue is a user setting, which you only need to make once.


Four new play modes at Paseedu

Paseedu has added four new play modes.

1. Dual reader
In the dual reader, you can read texts in two languages at the same time – e.g. your mother tongue and the target language. You can also add spoken voice from TTS in 20 languages.

2. Sentence
In the sentence play mode, you fill in missing words in a sentence. This is used mainly for various grammatical exercises.

3. Flashcard (fast!)
Finally a fast flashcard solution is implemented. You flip the card instantly, simply by pressing the card.

4. Builder
In this play mode you can build texts and sentences.

Since earlier, you also have the play modes: Four Options and Write. This gives a total of six different play modes at Paseedu right now.

What do I need to get Paseedu to work?

To get Paseedu to work, you need a device, an internet connection and a browser. That’s it!

A lot of effort has be made to get Paseedu to work for a broad range of devices and browsers. Paseedu works with apple devices. It works well on iPhone, iPad and on Mac. Paseedu supports horisontal/landscape mode and touchscreens. Flash is not used. Paseedu works well on PCs and Android smart phones.

Paseedu works well with most browsers, although the view and the menus might behave slightly differently. If you have a choice of browser, then Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher and Safari are the preferred browsers. Sound playback is not supported on firefox. Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox have limited support. Internet Explorer 8 and lower are not supported.

You do not need to install Paseedu at the device. As Paseedu is not installed, there is usually no problem with firewalls. Paseedu works over the internet through the browser (html5). Data usage is also of limited amount, in spite of images and sound support.

Each user using Paseedu needs to login through his own username and login. The user can either set up his own account and Paseedu can do this for the user.