A new class dashboard

The class functions have received a major upgrade with a dashboard. Through the dashboard you have a complete overview of the class. The intention is to be able to be able to interaction, planning, sharing and follow up through the class. The students have a similar, although a more limited version of the dashboard, without the confidential information. There are many features, which are visible from the dash board:

-Info board to the student (which only the teacher can adjust)
-Chat (with individual photos) visible for everybody
-Individual messages
-Feedback on tasks

-Personal notes for the teacher
-Through the info board to the students

Follow up
-Statistics on the number of exercises done
-Test results
-Tasks performed by students

File sharing
-Upload and download of material (Exercises and texts)

Member management
-Invite, add and remove members of the class

-Class or school logo
-Class naming and description
Class view for a teacherClassS6