is a great language learning solution. Its a webapp, which works for mobile phones, iPads and computers.

Its a comprehensive language learning tool with complete editing and complete school functions.

You may use for making and exercising vocabulary through flash cards.


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What is Paseedu?

Introduction to Paseedu

Paseedu Your Tool To Learn Languages

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A new function a library for swedish

På Paseedu finns nu ett bibliotek med övningar på Paseedu. Biblioteket har övningar för SFI och för språkintroduktionen på gymnasiet. I biblioteket kan du välja nivå – t.ex. SFI A, B, C, D. För språkintroduktion finns nivåer som är graderade 1 till 4, där 1 avses nybörjare. Innehållet på de olika nivåerna är utvecklat […]

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Match words through drag and drop

A new play mode is implemented. Words and their translations can be matched through drag and drop on a large canvas. The play mode is more game like and it is the fastest play mode so far.

The play mode works on all screen sizes and for different input modes (mouse or touch screen). The […]

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Selectable start screen for different users

Different users have different needs – some want an easy user interface, some want interaction with the class and some wants to get quickly to the play action. In order to support all different tastes, Paseedu has made it possible to select the start screen after login. There are several options, and the most […]

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