How to get started

1. Log in to the app
2. Select “New text”
3. (A) Fill in the name of the new text, (B) Select the language you want to translate to (C) Select the language of the text (D) Paste the text (On iPhone push with two fingers and a menu will come up select paste).
4. Select “Continue”
5. Now will the text being show, push the word you want to learn or find tricky. words will being saved in a list.
6. When you have select the words you want to learn, select “Play”.
7. You will now see a new screen where it says Match on top, the goal with this screen is to match the translation with the word you want to learn. Press on one of the word and drag it to the translated word. If you have drag the correct word to the translated then it will disappear. Do this until you have match all the words then new ones will appear.