What is Paseedu

Paseedu is language studies counterpart to excel. Paseedu gives you flexibility and control over your learning. You start with a complete course – eg Swedish as a foreign language (SFI) – where you have over 5000 exercises. When you want to take it a step further, then you can import, modify and customize the content to your own taste. Individuals, educators and organizations who have a vested interest in what to learn, you should use Paseedu. Paseedu is demanding for people with great need for flexibility.

Various different exercises

This exercise is to choose one of four options that are right.
There are clues while doing the exercise.
In this exercise you get paired words from English to Swedish.
This is done by pulling the words to each other.

In this exercise you see a photo and should write a answer on the question.
There is clues, and also audio recording of the word that are the correct one.
In this exercise you guess what’s on the other side of the card.
In the image on right it shows “I” which are in swedish “Jag”
When we flip the card you will see the correct answer.
In this exercise, you get a text in which you can hear the words and see an explanation of what they mean.

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