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The great app to learn languages through reading foreign texts. Here are video tutorials and information how to getting started with the app.

Before your can start using the app, you need to make a paseedu account and to log in.

To make an paseedu account – press at the button “Not a user”.

After signing up to a new account, you get automatically logged in.

If you have problems of creating an account, or logging in,  please look at further help at FAQ or send us an email at

1. Log in to the app (If you don’t have a account press create account and follow the instructions)
2. Select “New text”
3. (A) Fill in the name of the new text, (B) Select the language you want to translate to (C) Select the language of the text (D) Paste the text (On iPhone push with two fingers and a menu will come up select paste).
4. Select “Continue”
5. Now will the text being show, push the word you want to learn or find tricky. words will being saved in a list.
6. When you have select the words you want to learn, select “Play”.
7. You will now see a new screen where it says Match on top, the goal with this screen is to match the translation with the word you want to learn. Press on one of the word and drag it to the translated word. If you have drag the correct word to the translated then it will disappear. Do this until you have match all the words then new ones will appear.

This tutorial shows how to copy a text from the web and to insert it into the app.
This tutorial show you how to read texts in the app and how to work with all the built in tools. The tutorial also show how to exercise on the translated words.
-You need an internet connection in order to get new translations – wifi or 3g works fine
-You have unlimited text. copy as many as you need. each text can handle up to 6000 character
-If you need to edit a text press edit from the text side(“Extract words”). Then you can edit all on the 3 selection like shown before.
-There is a refresh-button up in the right corner, press that one if the text doesn’t appear. It might be needed when the internet connection is week.

Here are some good locations where you can find texts to practice on (news) (Sports) (news) (news) (Business) (news) (news) (Easy to read Swedish) (morning news) (evening news) (business news) (technology)